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IC Inbox

[This is an IC inbox for Giselle. I'll make it pretty later. Promise!]
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[Giselle is sitting in front of the camera. She is smiling slightly, but her breathing is heavy and her eyebrows are furrowed.]

I don't want to panic anyone...but I may need some help. I...

[She pauses and takes a few deep breaths.] I think the baby is coming. Robert was called into a last minute meeting he couldn't get out of and he's on the other end of the city right now. I've called him, so he's on the way to meet me at the hospital but I'd rather not-

[She bends over, letting out a cry of pain as a contraction passes. Again she breathes heavily. After a moment passes she looks up again.]

I'm sorry. It's just...I'd rather not go by myself. I don't want to bother everyone, but is there anyone who can keep me company?

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[The video turns on revealing a very happy looking Giselle. She also looks very pregnant now. Her round belly is just barely caught on camera. Her hand rests on it, gently rubbing circles.]

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I updated you all on how the pregnancy is going. Everything is going so well! Can you believe that it's just about a month before she's due? I'm so excited to welcome her into the world and into our family. Robert has been so busy setting up a nursery in the apartment and it's almost done. Morgan and I have been busy picking out all the things we'll need once the baby is here....

Oh! And I almost forgot the most important thing of all. Now that we know the baby is a girl, we've decided to name her Miranda! I think it's such a lovely name. Don't you?

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[Giselle looks overjoyed as the camera focuses in on her. She's smiling from ear to ear and there's a positive glow about her.]

Oh everyone! I'm just so excited and I couldn't wait to share with all of you! Robert and I went to the doctor today for my ultrasound. It's so amazing to be able to see the baby moving around, thanks to that amazing machine. Now it's brought us even more wonderful news! Today the doctor was able to tell us that the baby is a girl!!!! I certainly would have been happy if the baby were a boy or a girl, but to know now is so exciting! I'm sure she will be so beautiful when she is born. I can't wait to meet her.

Oh! We'll have to start thinking of names too, now that we know we're having a girl.

[She giggles excitidly and pulls out a book of baby names and begins reading as the camera turns off.]

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I do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was just lovely. I hope everyone received their gifts that I sent out. Thank you so much for all of your gifts and I wanted to especially thank my Secret Santa! Your gift...it was just so wonderful! I never expected to get something like this. The necklace is the sweetest thing. I'll wear it for Morgan and for the new baby. I'll love it forever. I just... it all must have cost so much. I wish I could give something in return for all of it but it was anonymous...

Does anyone know Hammer Industries?

And again, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a happy New Year as well!

[ooc: Everyone Giselle knows received some homemade cookies and a hand knitted scarf with mittens. Kurt, as her Secret Santa assignment received a coat she made herself.

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[The video clicks on and there is a shot of Giselle in the kitchen of their apartment. In one hand she has a plastic baggie of raw baby carrots. In the other is a bowl of pistachio ice cream. She's sitting at the table, taking one carrot at a time, scooping up some of the ice cream with it and promptly eating it. After about the third carrot, Giselle turns and notices the camera is recording.]

Oh my! I didn't see this was on!

[She gets up and moves closer to the computer. As she walks over everyone is bound to notice there is an obvious baby bump under her dress.]

I'm sorry everyone. I was just having a little snack. The strangest things seem so delicious lately! I've been very bust preparing for Thanksgiving this year, so I'm afraid I haven't been online much. This will be our first Thanksgiving together as a real family! Isn't that exciting? I'll be making almost everything for the meal, with help from Morgan. We're going to be having something called at...tofurkey. I just couldn't bear to eat a real turkey!

I wonder if I could serve this as well. [She indicates to her ice cream and carrots.] That wouldn't be too strange, would it?

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